One Off Cleaning

What Are The Most Common One Off Cleaning Tasks

As soon as our experts arrives in your home in Camden, they will perform these tasks:

  • In the kitchen the main priority is your health. Our master workers will sanitize all the kitchen appliances using only organic agents. Kitchen sink and tap are places where mould forms. For this reason, our team will pay extra attention there. After they polish the furniture it is time to gather those crumbs from the floor. The weapon of choice here is a professional vacuum cleaner.One Off Cleaning Camden
  • In the dining and living room – they will dust all surfaces including tables and cupboards. After that, they apply a polishing detergent. Our specialists will also wipe the cabinets and picture frames. The final step in these rooms is to vacuum clean the upholstery and carpets and mop the hard floors.
  • In every room our professionals will wash the windows and remove the spider webs.
  • Another important place in everyone’s home is the bathroom. Our experts will make the tiles and grout sparkle, as well as the toilet, sink and taps. In most cases they will remove the limescale using an organic acid such as lemon.

These are just the basic one off routines our cleaners in Camden do. When you have a special demand, do not hesitate to share it with our staff members.

Booking a Spring Cleaning Is a Good Choice

  • As result of our help you will have more comfortable place with more light and fresh air. In other words, we will improve your way of life.
  • The household chores are activities that most of the people do not enjoy. That is why we can deal with mess and leave you enough time for anything else.
  • One of the applications of our one off procedures is when you move out of a property.One Off Cleaning Camden
  • Since everyone’s demands are different, you will get a customized offer. This means that you can hire us for a single room sanitation or even small odd jobs.
  • The main aspect of our services is your health. That is why we apply only eco-friendly solutions. By all means we do not want to cause inconvenience to your family. Even the smell left after our visit will not irritate your asthma.
  • In case you worry about your belongings you should consider two things. First of all, we hire only background-checked individuals with references. Second, an insurance covers any possible damages to your house.