Carpet Cleaning

The Key To Spotless Carpets

Carpet Cleaning CamdenTo transform your carpets and make them spotless, we follow a certain cleaning plan. First we inspect your floor covering, and point out the areas with stains. Then we must determine the type of the fabric. This will help us in the next step – choosing the right approach. If we have to deal with cotton, synthetic or heavily soiled fabrics we use a hot water extraction machine. The combination of high temperature and water pressure allow us to remove the dirt from textile fibres. In case we have to treat sensitive textures, we use a steam cleaning method. Such materials are sisal and seaweed. We should note that we use similar approach on our upholstery sessions. If you prefer, we may apply protective solution such as Scotchguard. It will safeguard your rugs from further stain formation. The final drying part takes up to five hours.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Is a Preferable Service

The reasons of choosing this service are many. But let us point out the most important of them:

  • Above all, is the price factor. Refreshing your carpet is way much better than buying new one. Furthermore, you can get a discount by adding more options to your booking.
  • In addition to that, carpets tend to collect most of the dirt in your home. Of course you may vacuum clean the floor. But this is not as efficient as a thorough professional sanitation. Our specialists have access to the best products and equipment. We have already described the methods we apply above.Carpet Cleaning Camden
  • Speaking of products, we follow a strict non-toxic policy. As we have stated, we use only the power of hot water and steam. In case there is a stain that we have to pre-treat, we will apply an eco-friendly detergent. This makes our assistance the healthy option.
  • Wherever you live in Camden you do not have to transport your carpets. We execute all our services right in your home.
  • The convince is another key moment. Request your session at the best time for you.